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What we do

We do lots of things, here's some of the antics we get up to
Student Business

The biannual Textbook Exchange has become a regular fixture in the Faculty of the Professions foyer at the beginning of each semester.


Entrepreneurs, founders and lovers of business seem to find their way to us. Sharing their experiences, they enjoy inspiring and motivating our members to shape the world in which we live.


We provide opportunities for members to be introduced to the cool spaces and people around our city.

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This is why do we do what we do
What we believe

Here at the AUEC, it’s our aim to provide a positive environment for entrepreneurial students. Whether you’re completing a Master of Applied Innovation, Bachelor of Engineering or are in first year economics, anyone willing to learn is welcome here.

It takes complementary abilities to build a successful venture including design, technical and business skills. We bring these students together and connect them with the Adelaide startup community to foster the creation of early-stage ventures.

We also act as a gateway to the wider entrepreneurial community in Adelaide and beyond: from Majoran to Hub Adelaide to Flinders University's New Venture Institute to Startup Weekend, we have a wide array of connections.

  • Introductions

    Meet others who create, build and are choosing to make a difference in the world.

  • Information

    We keep our finger on the pulse of what's happening in the Adelaide startup community.

  • Support

    Been through eChallenge and want to take your idea to next level? Join us to meet those who can help you on your journey.

The team

Meet the crew
James Davis
A clear and decisive thinker, James is the guy to see for all your difficult problems that require esoteric evaluation.
Mark Samson
Vice President
A quick-thinking millennial buzzword enthusiast with a big-picture mindset and a GSD attitude.
Steph Poole
A final year accounting student with strong financial experiences. ‘Soft serves’ have their own line in her budget.
Marc & Luke
Sponsorship Team
Our dual sponsorship directors ensure that no opportunity goes unpursued. This includes specials on red tins at the local bottleo.
Angelica Carvajal
The Spanish secretary who, conveniently, writes our minutes in English. Things tend to fall apart without her.
Sophia Sadri
Events Director
Sophia is a unique blend of highly organised and incredibly low-tech. She can often be found chiseling out caves for events with her bare hands.
Chantalle Finch
Clubs Delegate
Chantalle enjoys long walks on the beach and attending quarterly meetings.
Enoch, Mary, Lochy, Elyse, Elan, Beatrice, Shahkar, Alex
General Committee Members
These guys help out all over the place, fulfilling a variety of functions for the club.


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Recent events

Here's some of our recent exploits, speakers and happenings