Applied Blockchain & Sustainability

Heard all the buzzwords? Sick of people telling you that Bitcoin is the bees knees but want to know what blockchain can actually do? This event is for you!

Applied Blockchain & Sustainability will look at the use cases for blockchain, its application to challenges in sustainability and why this emerging technology has so much potential in the real world!

This is NOT a technical session, you don’t need to know how to build a blockchain, you just need to come willing to have your mind blown at its potential.

Meet the facilitators…

Dr. Charlie Hargroves:
Charlie is the Sustainable Development Fellow at the University of Adelaide specializing in sustainability and economic growth transitions.

Associate Professor Nick Falkner:
Nick is the Director of the Australian Smart Cities Consortium at the University of Adelaide and a member of the Computer Science Education Research Group.

As well as representatives from the ASA, AUEC and Adelaide Blockchain!

Follow this link for information on how to register:

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