Change Talks: Facing Career Realities and Frustrations


Presenting Change Talks! Part three of our ES Talks series.

Let’s face it: starting your career when leaving university is getting more difficult and extremely frustrating. We want to change this and you should too.

This Talks event will focus on making yourself truly competitive, developing a professional mindset, and developing emotional maturity, so you can utilise the skills you developed from your studies more effectively.

This is not an ordinary ‘panel’ event. There will be immersive ‘talk-zones’ and related activities where you will converse and network with a range of organisations and people speaking to see how you can improve your situation. Don’t worry, the event is not the end of it. We will also be there talking about our upcoming program that will provide tailored career help for you at the university.

Don’t wait until university is nearly over, get going now. See you there!

Follow this link for information on how to register:

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